7 SEO trends to focus on in 2019

by SEO-Builder June 12, 2018

All businesses that have the potential to interact with their users directly through their websites can benefit from an efficient SEO optimisation. With SEO you can provide not only more web traffic (as well as higher returns), but you can also optimise specific funnel traffic pages to your most profitable and popular pages. This article discusses 7 SEO trends to focus on in 2019.

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SEO optimisation is always evolving. New technologies, new insights and new best practices are constantly emerging with time, and the most ambitious and profitable online businesses immediately start using these changes to keep up with the competition. Further down the article, you’ll read about 7 SEO trends to focus on in 2019 and out implement if feasible.


7 SEO trends to focus on in 2019


Out-of-the-box thinking is more effective than ever

7 seo trends to focus on in 2018 - Background

SEO technologies evolve as fast as the search engines that inspired them. And under “SEO Technologies”, we mean third-party applications, widgets, and tools that webmasters use to optimise their sites and improve results by requiring minimal manual input.

In fact, some exciting WordPress templates that appear in the web design industry allow webmasters to ensure onscreen optimisation of their sites with just a few steps when they are released. Yoast SEO is the most popular WordPress plugin for onsite SEO optimisation because of how easy to use it is and the fact that it’s completely free.

These products and developments are truly beneficial, but there is currently no solution that can automatically fulfil any on-site optimisation requirement. You still need to customise things such as title tags, navigation, snippets, etc. if you want to get the best results possible.

The truth in content is in its length

long content

Up until recently, product pages on websites were mostly filled with short content: title, brief description, a selected group of photos, and a few comments from customers. Even worse, sometimes websites would also have duplicated content which is unfavoured by search engine algorithms. However, user requirements and search engine preferences have genuinely focused on long content in almost every niche. Content is ever evolving and is one of the 7 SEO trends to focus on in 2019.

Long content provides more details, more colloquial phrases (which lead to more relevant queries in search engines) and a more significant market distinction from the increasing competition that has grown quite significantly in recent years.

We strongly recommend that you develop a broader and descriptive content for your company’s blog by describing your products and offering an insight into your company, thus providing support for your topics, which is of the required length without unnecessary swelling.

Social media is more important for SEO than ever

Social media networks have gained significant popularity in recent years, but somehow their importance continues to grow. Recently, Jason de Merce conducted a survey in which 357 online marketers took part. The topic was – What works in online marketing? Nearly 52% of the respondents said they are currently seeing a positive return on investment (ROI) from their social media marketing, while 65% believe it will play an even more critical role over the next five years.

The most impressive fact we established from the results of the survey is that 96% of the respondents shared their plans to increase their budget or at least keep it at the same level in the following year. More and more users are registered in popularly established platforms such as Facebook and even in new ones like Instagram and SnapChat, which are a big hit among the young generation.

The best way to generate significant visibility, as well as primary and secondary ranking signals (such as backlinks and relevant social alerts) is to encourage greater social sharing and tagging. Let your users share your products and articles. Ask them to share their impressions in the comments. Let them interact in every way that you can possibly find.

It is essential to keep your audience involved with social activities through your site. Should you do so, your visibility in search engines and social media channels will flourish.

Video content is King

video content

With smartphone devices and the affordable high-speed wireless internet available nowadays video sharing has become undoubtedly more popular which is one of the 7 SEO trends to focus on in 2019. Hence, users are more likely to seek video content. Sharing rich media can be particularly beneficial for search results (especially if it’s on YouTube) and provides the potential for greater viewing than any other type of content. In fact, if you do not use video content on your product pages and company’s blog, you should seriously consider doing so.

Currently, optimisation for mobile devices is crucial

Google’s Mobilegeddon updates now unite the basics of mobile optimisation, but only to reach the basic requirements Google has set for mobile optimisation is no longer enough to stand out in the search engine world.

Mobile optimisation is about offering the best possible content and functionality to smartphone and tablet users, and their number increases daily compared with those using the internet on their desktop computers.

Mobile optimisation has also started to include application optimisation, which Google has always particularly favoured. This is demonstrated by the recent developments such as streaming apps. One day, and maybe very soon, advanced businesses will need to develop their mobile apps to keep their online presence.

Voice search and digital assistants gain increasing popularity

voice search

Only a few years ago, digital assistants seemed like a useless spectacular trick because they could not correctly recognise the voice command and frequently provided unsatisfactory results even when they were able to identify the command.

Nowadays, a substantial percentage of people rely on voice search. Every major technology company like Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google has now developed a digital assistant capable of incredible achievements. Some of the more advanced online businesses are beginning to invest capital in this direction, which leads to offering more conversational phrases, serious optimisation for long-tailed keywords and “richer responses” that a digital assistant can provide naturally.

Local results are becoming more and more popular

Local SEO has gone through many significant changes over the past few years, and new technologies (such as portable devices) are likely to increase the importance of local results further.

Big companies often don’t consider implementing a local strategy because they operate globally and therefore want to target a broader audience nationwide. However, the pursuit of a local SEO optimisation strategy can help all businesses differentiate themselves from competition and target a smaller but possibly more relevant niche that their competitors deliberately avoid.

There may also be a cumulative effect as more and more businesses are beginning to realise benefits of local SEO, which is an excellent motivation to get involved as soon as possible.


Final thoughts

Keep an eye on these 7 SEO trends in 2019 and make sure your campaign will have the right match and visibility in these modern times. Depending on your goals and the importance of optimisation in the overall growth of your business, the suggestions we shared above should take a high priority in your marketing costs.

These are not the only guidelines we are going to be sharing with you in our blog, and it’s hard to predict what’s waiting around the corner – so let your campaigns be flexible and always be alert not to miss the next important discovery.

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