Case studies

GDPR eLearning Link Building


June. 16, 18

We were contacted by a company that provides GDPR (Data Safety) eLearning training courses to support businesses in their GDPR compliance process. The sales strategy they used was purely based on cold calling and were trying to make their way in the digital marketplace, so we constructed an extensive online marketing plan. However, we will focus mainly on the SEO aspect and just briefly mention the sales strategies we implemented.

  • Contact companies that posted job advertising for Data Protection Officer/GDPR Specialists
  • Contact eLearning resellers offering them 10-20% of the course sales
  • Post listings on eLearning Market Places like Udemy

GDPR eLearning Link Building

Stage 1 On-site (Technical) SEO

The company’s website was only 1 page when we first started developing it but our SEO Audit identified a few weak spots including low web speed, lack of content, problems with the CSS and HTML. We also found that images were not compressed and therefore the loading time was quite high. To fix these problems we installed W3 Cache, followed Google Speed Test recommendations and compressed images with Smush Image plugin which resulted in achieving 91/100 on the speed test score.


Stage 2 Content Creation

A website with only 1 page would mean that there is only 1 search phrase that it could rank for, so it was necessary to create a Blog to achieve our link building goals and search visibility. The website was only 1 month old with 0 Domain and Page Authority, so we targetted long-tail keywords that would give us a better chance to rank in Google Search Results. Nevertheless, by analysing the most frequent buyer we manage to target industries with the most need of the GDPR training and promote increase company’s revenue.

Stage 3 Link Building

We based our link building strategy on the initial analysis we carried and took into consideration the business model itself. As an eLearning course, we decided it would be highly relevant to create a Scholarship page to earn backlinks from universities and colleges around the world. Our scholarship is giving accredited eLearning to 10 eligible students for free. In a period of 3 weeks, we had 10 applications and hundreds of students interested in it. Nevertheless, students have to submit an essay of 1000 words that we would be included as a free content on the website. The scholarship is worth roughly £3000 but will bring the most SEO value from all link building strategies.

  • Comments/Directory/Forum Links

  • Scholarship Links

  • Guest Posting

  • Content Marketing

Another strategy we used to initially boost the data metrics of the website was Directory, Comments and Forum links as an easy and efficient way. We targetted website writing about GDPR and Data safety but we were careful to not overuse this method because it might cause penalties from Google.

As we already mentioned, we had a clear idea which industries have the most need of the course so we applied content marketing to promote these articles. The content we created was top-notch with 1500+ words and great visual materials.

Another link building methodology we applied was guest blogging to diversify the link profile of our client. Along with the comments and forums links, we had a mix of both do-follow and no-follow links that looks natural to the search engines with no risk of penalties.



  • Domain Authority increased from 0 to 13 in the first month,

  • Page Authority increased to 15

  • We built 40 links in a month

  • Created 25 high-quality articles

  • Increased the organic traffic from 0 to 2000 per month