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Health Niche Link Building

BeeHealthy is an organic products shop that provides the natural products across the United Kingdom. The business grew from March 2017 to January 2018 with hundreds of sales per month. We designed and developed multiple BeeHealthy shops with 99% positive reputation on Amazon, eBay and Etsy and steadily grew the number of transactions by expanding the product mix.  After reaching Top Rated Seller, we extended our digital presence and exceptional service through own website. This article analyses the full development and SEO cycle, and the steps we took in establishing a successful online business.

  • Web Development

  • On-site SEO (Technical Analysis)

  • Content creation

  • Off-site SEO – Health Niche Quality Link Building

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Gig Promotion - Press Release for Ticket Sales Health Niche Link Building

Stage 1 Web Development

In this initial phase, we already had a solid idea about the vision and brand we want to create through product labelling, logo creation and social media presence. Nevertheless, we knew that for a website to succeed in the digital economy, we need substantial SEO effort to surpass competitors like Real Foods and Holland & Barrett. We chose WordPress because it powers 30% of the global website network with many pre-built SEO and security functions.


Stage 2 On-site SEO

Before adding the product base, we carried our standard SEO Audit to establish the web speed, error codes, broken links and empty fields (e.g. title tags, meta descriptions and alt text). Next step was to carry competition and keyword analysis to establish effective link building and content creation strategies. We targetted long-tail keywords to rank in Google search results as the website was newly created with 0 Domain Authority and Page Authority and high competition in the health/organic products niche.


Stage 3 Content Creation

In our content creation strategy, we implemented Yoast to help us follow Google Algorithm requirements and create top-quality content to earn us backlinks. We added our best selling products with an SEO-friendly description and created an article with 2000 words for each one of them linked to the actual product. That way gaining links to our articles would redirect the traffic to our product listings and respectively push them higher in Google results. We also created a few articles of around 500 words just to inform the audience about our products but that didn’t bring any substantial SEO value. The content requirements are essential for search engine visibility which will help Google understand and index better your website if you follow its guidelines.


Stage 4 Off-site SEO – Health Niche Link Building

Link Building strategies at a glance:

  • Guest Posts

  • Content Marketing

  • Competition catch

After analysing our competitors and creating top-notch content, we built a step-by-step link building strategy followed on a monthly basis. Each technique we applied required ten references per month to diversify our backlinks profile. The list shows targetted bloggers and influencers in health and organic products niche accepting guest posts. For our content marketing, we reached out to influencers writing about particular topics including bee products and variety of herbs. The competition analysis provided further backlinks opportunities to take advantage and catch up in the search results. We used three different email templates for every strategy with an average response rate of 17%.

Health Niche LInk Building - Health Prospect List


In 4 months, we managed to create 150 high-quality backlinks in our industry. The traffic increased from 150 to 600 in this period with 3 ranking keywords on the first-page search results. Our content parallelly improved the rankings of the best-selling products inbound to it.

traffic increase - health niche link building