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Learning and Development Link Building


June. 16, 18

We were contracted to carry a Learning and Development link building to improve the company’s SEO and create high-quality links to boost revenues and web traffic. The business provides various types of corporate training and eLearning courses. They’ve created their own platform in partnership with a web development company that outsources our link building service. At the time we started working on it, the website was only 3 months old with low organic traffic, and it wasn’t visible in the Google Search page results, so it was rather challenging to achieve substantial results in a short period. We carried our standard SEO Audit and SEO Checklist that identified a few errors we were able to fix but overall the web speed and quality were excellent and gave us a solid basis to work with. The website has more than 100 pages with content but no blog or articles targetting specific industries, so we needed to spare a budget for content creation. The site is using WordPress, so we installed Yoast and followed the Google Algorithm guidelines for all existing and freshly created pages. This article analysis the further encouraged the link building strategies deployed for our client.

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Link Building

Blog page with relevant content was a necessity for a website to strive in the highly-competitive industry of L&D, but the client also asked us to promote the most popular types of training they’re providing – sales, leadership and negotiation skills. Each link building strategy required 10 references per month or 40 in total.

Scholarship Link Building
We decided that scholarship strategy is highly relevant for a Learning and Development link building scenario and would bring us excellent results and high response rate in our outreach campaigns. We set apart a scholarship worth of $3000 for 3 eligible students aged 16 years or older. Again the creative content we received were included in our blog.

Content Marketing
We built a prospect list of bloggers writing about sales training, negotiation and leadership skills. With this strategy, we asked influencers to include a link to already existing pages in the client’s website. Mentions cost us between $50 and $300 depending on the target website and content piece. Highly efficient for Learning and Development link building especially if there’s already an awesome content.

Guest Posting
We had 10 articles on different topics related to Learning and Development. We included the content piece titles in our outreach campaign so that bloggers can pick the most relevant ones for their audience. The reason for this is that by giving webmasters a choice, they will select the most relevant content to their audience and it will maximise the traffic from these links.

Resource Pages
We chose this strategy because there are many websites with resource pages like “Top 20 corporate training in the UK”, so we wanted to reach out to bloggers and ask them to include our client’s website as it is an award-winning company but without any digital presence. This strategy gave us the highest response rate and resulted in more than 15 links per month, more than we initially thought.

We were able to achieve 50 links in 4 months, increasing the Domain Authority from 7 to 31 and web traffic with 200%. This project is still on-going, and we will diversify the link building strategies in the next few months. Stay tuned for more details and don’t forget to check our Case Studies for more successful link building examples.