Case studies

Gig Promotion – Press Release for Ticket Sales


June. 16, 18

We were approached by music band trying to promote their Edinburgh Fringe Festival gig. The group was lacking a website to promote but had a substantial Social Media Presence with 200 000 facebook likes and 6 000 Twitter followers that we focused on. This article analyses the complete promotional aimed at the ticket sales for the show. We analyse the data metrics of potential websites within your niche and apply a technologically-driven approach to generate the most sophisticated backlinks and maximise the Return of Investment (ROI) for your business. Our link building campaigns are powered by the latest advancements in data science and substantially improve online visibility. With this in mind, we established SEO Builder on a solid Computer Science and Machine Learning background to fuel the success of our ambitious clients. We implement White Hat techniques guaranteeing high-quality digital reputation. For additional information, please refer to our FAQ section.

  • Boosting Social Media Presence

  • Event Marketing

  • Local PR

  • Radio Advertising


Stage 1 Social Media Presence

We boosted the Social Media presence by scheduling ten posts per day for two months on Facebook and Twitter. We created two separate Facebook games for Page Likes and Ticket sales

  • Like the page, share the post and win £50 Amazon voucher.
  • Like the page, tag a friend and win two free tickets for the Gig.

Furthermore, we used a tool to attract competitors Twitter followers to the band’s page and created a Facebook event that would be boosted two weeks before the gig date when tourists. Facebook Event is the best option to monitor interest and attendance for your gig but also effectively promote it.


Stage 2 Event Marketing

The event marketing included flyering and postering around the venue again 2 weeks before the gig when tourists arrived in the city and looking for shows to see. Another idea we came up with was the fast food shops that have advertising boards with posters of events. We also created our tickets at a lower cost than the standard platforms, so if you buy your ticket on the street would be cheaper than buying it online.


Stage 3 Local PR

This is the most essential stage of our plan as it attracts media attention and can bring high popularity for any show. We used our own already established network of contact but also requested the venue and Edinburgh Fringe website to provide us with a list of contacts that they use to promote events. We also had 50 free of charge tickets for journalists to attend the event. Nevertheless, we created a Press Kit to be sent including Flyers, Posters, Tickets, Short Bio & Story, Audio & Video Materials.

Prospect List - Gig Promotion - Press Release for Ticket Sales - SEO Builder

Stage 4 Radio Advertising

Along with the Band, we created an exciting voice over to promote the gig over the radio. We approached various radio stations including BBC Scotland and Radio 1 and created a list with offers and possible views of the advertising to choose the best ones.



  • All 500 tickets sold out
  • 20 journalists showed up to the event
  • Twitter Followers increased by 30%
  • Facebook likes are currently 250 000 and still increasing on a daily basis