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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a digital process allowing companies and websites to prominently appear in the search results of Google, Bing and other major search engines. Sites achieve a good reputation and popularity with mentions by other reputable resources within relevant and engaging content. These mentions are generated through link building.

We analyse the data metrics of potential websites within your niche and apply a technologically-driven approach to generate the most sophisticated backlinks and maximise the Return of Investment (ROI) for your business. Our link building campaigns are powered by the latest advancements in data science and substantially improve online visibility.

With this in mind, we established SEO Builder on a solid Computer Science and Machine Learning background to fuel the success of our ambitious clients. We implement White Hat techniques guaranteeing high-quality digital reputation. For additional information, please refer to our FAQ section.

Data Analysis

Our process involves an extensive data analysis that helps us produce an individual link building strategy for every client and execute the step-by-step procedure described below. We target websites within your business industry and geographical location to establish the relevant link resources. Having done so, we apply the most suitable and efficient outreach approach which is chosen based on web data, audit report and your content profile.

SEO Audit
We initially analyse the key ranking factors of your website and produce in-depth SEO Audit. The data metrics are being generated by expert-leading tools and give you an overall picture of your site condition along with improvement recommendations. The ranking factors covered are used by the Google algorithm to measure the website’s credibility. We also carry a technical analysis identifying errors, weak spots and web speed.

SEO Audit

In-depth Analysis
In this stage, we gain access to your site’s Google Analytics and Search Console to reveal further insights. The data analysis will serve us as a fundamental basis to choose the most suitable strategies for your business and establish your place in the digital market.

  • What is your position in Google search results?
  • How many visitors do you have from organic search?
  • What actions do users take on your website?

  • How much time do users spend on your website?
  • What is your current conversion rate?
  • What are your most visited pages?

Google Analytics - SEO Link Building - SEO Builder

Google Search Console shown below will help us monitor your website performance and optimise your rankings. We can then make sure Google can access your content and deliver visually engaging search results. Search Console will also be utilised to maintain your website with minimal disruption to search performance. The extracted data can be adapted to identify which search queries appear in Google results and the ones which result in more traffic than others.

Search Console

Content Analysis

Content architecture and SEO go together and blend, so without one, any efforts on the other would be significantly reduced. That’s the reason why one of the first things we look for in the SEO Audit is a Blog page. Even beyond that, high-quality content is what earns you backlinks, and it’s also what search engines first index when they analyse your website. There is a difference between creating content stuffed with keywords and links and creating first-class articles specially designed for the Google algorithm and authority links. This phase will reveal your best content pieces that would be recorded and used to attract sophisticated backlinks and push these pages even higher in the rankings. We are anticipating content pieces more than 1500 words with excellent image materials and references. The requirements shown are essential for quality content and search engine visibility. Google will understand and index better your content if you follow its guidelines. An optimised content structure will lead to a higher authority and respectively higher organic traffic.

Most importantly, we would need to decide a budget for content creation because a high-quality content might not be lacking on your website, but it’s necessarily placed on other sites (off-site) to generate backlinks. If you already work with a content creator that’s great but if not don’t panic we can hire someone and fully manage them on your behalf in the process

Keyword Analysis
Keyword research is one of the most important and high return activities in SEO. By analysing your market’s keywords, we can effectively target your industry and understand how potential clients search for your business. These phrases are then included in our link building strategy. We take the keyword analysis and break it down into two essential aspects – current and potential keywords.

In our example, we analyse a potential “SEO” keyword with MOZ – advanced data software.

  • Monthly Volume – 30.3k -70.8k – Shows how many times a keyword is searched in Google each month
  • Difficulty – 67% – Score from 0 (easy) to 100 (hard) indicating how difficult it is for your business to rank higher than your competitors
  • Click-through-rate – 57% – The likelihood of someone clicking on your search result
  • Priority – 73% – Combined score of all metrics

Analysing your current keywords and organic traffic with SEMRush and Majestic will give us a significant tactical advantage to push your well-ranked keyphrases even higher in the search results. We will also use this as a benchmark to discover new keywords similar to the already successful ones. By using this methodology, we will further elevate your digital presence and provide your business with new opportunities for growth.

Competitive Analysis
Competitive analysis is a critical part of the SEO strategy. We place your direct competitors in strategic groups and evaluate their rankings and backlinks with SEO Spyglass and Ahrefs. This stage answers the following questions:

  • Who are your competitors?
  • What’s their link profile?

  • What SEO strategies do they implement?
  • How much time do we need to surpass them?

SEO PowerSuite - SEO Link Building - SEO Builder

Link Building


  • Steady expansion
  • 1-2 Linkbuilding Strategies
  • 10-15 Backlinks
  • Web Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Customer Support
  • Monthly Report


  • Digital Acceleration
  • 3-4 Linkbuilding Strategies
  • 30-35 Backlinks
  • Web Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Customer Support
  • Monthly Report


  • Rapid Growth
  • 6+ Linkbuilding Strategies
  • 70+ Backlinks
  • Web Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Customer Support
  • Monthly Report

Establishing high-quality backlinks is the core of our service as this the #1 ranking factor that Google and other search engines use to determine website credibility. Therefore, you can expect the primary focus in our work process to be on identifying target web owners (bloggers, press release, etc.) and reaching out to them with the fundamental goal of acquiring sophisticated links to your website. Fortunately, we already have a well-established network of contacts in various industries which will significantly speed up the link building process. Our service is highly flexible in the sense that it entirely depends on your budget, needs, and expectations, our target ranges between 10 and 50 links, and we are ready to work until the desired results are achieved. We further provide a detailed description of the primary link building strategies we implement, how we find prospective influencers and reach out to them because our clients deserve full transparency.

The link building tactics that we use for our customers are specifically tailored to their needs and the progress they are looking to achieve in enhancing their online presence. So far we have worked with over 12 different strategies where all have proven effective in different situations and industries. Because there are so many of them, we are going to cover each approach briefly. Some of the techniques essentially overlap, but all methods are empirically tested and have proven effective for our clients!

You may have come across many seemingly lucrative SEO services that promise a high number of backlinks at a very low price, and we would like to give you a fair warning about who you should hire for building your SEO. Such services use automated tools to quickly generate high volume backlinks to your website which will bring no real value to your ranking in the long term and will also result in your site getting “blacklisted” by the search engines. These techniques are popular in the SEO community by the notion of “Black Hat” methods and have caused loss of traffic streams for many websites. 

There are two types of backlinks – no-follow and do-follow. Unlike do-follow links, no-follow links can only bring traffic to your website and won’t help you rank higher on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Therefore, we will actively seek to generate only do-follow links for you. As you will see from the listed strategies below, some links will be free, while others may cost from $30 up to $500, which entirely depends on the technique we are using and the quality of the backlink. When we assess whether to pay for a link or not we look at a significant number of factors, such as the Spam Score and the Trust Flow of a target website. You can be assured that this investment will pay off in the long term as growing organic search engine traffic is the most effective method for boosting your business revenue.

Guest Posts
Probably the most effective and widely used technique for acquiring high-quality backlinks and website exposure. The concept is relatively simple: we create a list of top-notch articles and contact bloggers, influencers and media websites that accept guests posts and ask them to provide a backlink in return for the free content we provide for them. This makes guest blogging a win-win scenario for both our clients who want to rank higher in search engines and bloggers who are interested in attracting more followers to their blog. 

Sponsored Content
One of the most popular and proven techniques is in fact very simple. Sponsored posts, also called Native Advertising, are known as paid ads that are blended with website content, assimilated with the design and consistent with the platform content.  Together with you, we assess what would be the best content in your business industry and niche to drive traffic and links. Then we contact potential bloggers in your niche that would be willing to post an article about your product/service for a price that we will negotiate. We can also arrange a link to your website in a prominent piece. 

An extremely effective method for acquiring high-quality backlinks from university websites ending in .edu and, which is a strong signal to search engines. It usually involves sparing funds and setting up a scholarship page to provide a sufficient scholarship for students to support their studies financially. In some particular cases (say your service is some certified training course) you can use what you offer as a scholarship, as we have previously done with some of our clients. The example below shows an award that provides a free GDPR training course to 10 eligible students. Another option is to give a discount on your products that universities and colleges will share on their website.

You have definitely come across infographics while browsing the internet but what you probably didn’t know is that they are particularly useful for acquiring backlinks to your website. The whole idea is based around designing an infographic that looks good and is genuinely informative so that people share it on their blogs and social media while including a link to your website. If you are not much of a designer yourself, fear not – we have already built relationships with skilled designers who offer affordable prices. We have provided a simplified example of an infographic below for link building.

Competition Spyglass
Another strategy that has proven particularly successful is to look at the links that your competitors have already acquired. That way we can learn from the methods your competition has used for link building and reach out to contacts who are highly likely to promote your product/service. We organise your competitors in a strategic grid and find the most suitable backlinks for your website via Ahrefs and SEO Spyglass. 

Press Release
 If you have a unique story to share with the world, this is an excellent opportunity to reach out to different newspaper and press release websites too. Although sometimes pricey (depending on how appealing your story is), the strategy is very effective for driving a massive amount of traffic to your website which hides the potential of generating a healthy amount of sales for your business. We have already established a network with different media websites that we have previously contacted; the below screenshot shows some of the newspaper websites from Scotland we have approached in the past.

This is an interesting backlinking technique that we decided to name “ReLinking”. It is essentially a twist on one of the strategies we have already mentioned. Rather than looking at your competition, we will look at the links that you have already acquired. The method can be particularly efficient if you already have an established link profile.

Catch your competitors
For this strategy, the goal is to create content (typically an article between 2 000 and 3 000 words) of premium quality that is more informative and useful than what your competitors have provided. Then we contact the websites that have linked to your competitor’s content and ask them if they will be willing to link to our new premium material. This technique is useful when contacting sites that have a reputation for only recommending resources of exceptional quality to their audience.

Broken Links
A less known but yet very efficient technique involving using a web crawler to establish broken links among the websites of our prospective contacts. A broken link is one that points to a page that no longer exists because that page has been deleted, it never existed in the first place, or the whole website is down. Because broken links are not treated lightly by the search engine algorithms, website owners are always happy when we inform them of such links so they can fix them. In return for our favour, we will kindly ask them to replace the broken link with a backlink to your website, and most often they are more than happy to do so!

Resource Pages
You may have come across articles that link to a number of different resources of a particular type. This is an excellent opportunity for us to reach out to such bloggers and ask them to include us in that list of resources as long as we fit in. Although this method doesn’t hide the potential for generating a high number of links we can still acquire some free/cheap backlinks that way.

Forum & Blog Comments
A straightforward method that can be used to generate backlinks to your website. Nevertheless, we must be extremely cautious while using this technique – we only comment on blogs and forums that provide a do-follow link in return, and we only engage in discussions where we have some meaningful comment to add. While effective, this technique must not be massively overused, as there is a risk of search engines penalising your website.

Directory Listings
Similar to the above technique in the sense that it is effortless and yet it must not be overused. Directories may often ask for a link in return or a small fee to be paid, but some of them genuinely offer backlinks of a high value that makes up for it. We have established a list of all the directories that we have previously used to generate backlinks for our clients. 


We utilise different techniques to build a contact list of potential web owners that would be willing to promote your website. To do that, we will initially discuss with you the most appropriate link building strategies to enforce, taking into account the nature of your business, your growth expectations, and available monthly budget. While there is a trade-off among the prospect building methods regarding how quick the process is and the quality of the contacts that we can acquire, we have also established a network of contacts we have previously worked with that will significantly speed up the process.

The most effective and yet the most time-consuming method for creating a list of prospective contacts is to use tailored Google search operators to find appropriate websites in your niche (depending on the link building strategy) and save their contact details in a list. The reason why the method is so time-consuming is that we need to find and record all the necessary information to build a long-term quality relationship, such as first names, email address, etc. The screenshot below is an example of some potential contacts that we have recorded for one of our clients.

An alternative way for automatically generating big lists of potential web owners to reach out to relies on the use of a tool called Ahrefs. This has also turned out very effective in the past, with the only drawback being that the tool may not always extract all the necessary information. This may lead to some of the contacts not responding back as they may feel the emails we write to them are not personalised enough. Nevertheless, while working for a number of clients, we have already been able to generate lists with prospective contacts from various industries.

There are a number of factors that affect the success of an outreach campaign. The first one will be the number of contacts we have been able to generate in the previous step, which will depend on the strategies we have chosen to work with and the progress that you wish to make. Ideally, at this point, we will have access to an email address that you provide for us as this will make it more likely to achieve higher response rates and will allow you to keep track of the work done for you (we will cover more on that in the next section). Then we will design an initial outreach template, and we will use a tool known as NinjaOutreach. The tool is particularly beneficial as it can be used to efficiently and effectively engage with a large number of contacts, keep track of email statistics, evaluate various outreach templates based on their response rate, reply to everyone promptly, and follow up with whoever hasn’t got back to us.


Progress Tracking
You will be granted full access to the Google Sheet which will include all the information about your project – who is working on it, the prospect list we have created, who we have contacted so far, and which of our goals we have been able to achieve. This will allow you to keep track of every aspect of your project and to monitor all actions taken. We are very flexible regarding how we do our work, and we are continually seeking opportunities to improve our process. Should you feel like we need to incorporate any changes to our mechanisms or the goals that we previously set, we will be more than willing to do so. You can always feel welcome to contact us and ask us any questions you may have.

Monthly Report
Our monthly report will lay out everything we have been able to achieve in the past month of hard work. We will use Google Analytics to provide a comparison between the current and the previous metrics in terms of how much the organic traffic (i.e., traffic from search engines) has increased and all the additional keywords that you have been ranked for. We will also summarise the total progress we have achieved, including but not limited to the links we have been able to acquire and any future plans laid out. Additionally, you can contact us at any time by email or between 9 am to 5 pm UK time. 


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With the help of SEO-Builder we were able to make more and more people aware of our organic products. A pleasure to work with!

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The support that SEO-Builder provided to us had an enormous impact on our search rankings and organic traffic. They also helped us improve our user experience, boosting our sales significantly!

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