What is our SEO service worth to you as a customer?

by SEO-Builder June 13, 2018
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A few days ago, we spoke with a potential customer on the phone after we had already sent him an SEO Audit for his site. He told us that everything in the audit was quite clear, but he asked to describe to him, what exactly is he paying for. He wanted to know what the SEO is about and how can we measure it, so he knows exactly how much our SEO service worth to him as a customer and calculate the Return on Investment (ROI).

Then we decided to write this post, although our Link Building page thoroughly describes our work process and what you can expect from our service. In this post, we’ll explain in more detail how and why SEO helps your online business and how we measure our work.

High ranking in Google’s organic results for business-critical keywords

What is our SEO service worth to you as a customer?

Quite often, our clients want to bind the SEO contract with specific rankings and terms. Unfortunately, it’s something that does not depend on us, especially now that the Google search is profoundly personalised, people from different places would see different results. Mobile devices also show different search ranking results compared to desktops.

Years ago, as you may know, there was one major indicator of site strength – Page Rank. For some reason, Google has stopped using it and has four other metrics instead that are used to measure the likeliness of a website to be ranked high:

Domain Authority (DA) – overall domain authority;
Page Page Authority (PA) – page level authority;
Trust Flow (TF) – measures the quality of a link profile
Citation Flow (CF) – domain/brand quote on the Internet.

A site should be structured correctly, with clear and clean code, relationships, meta tags, elements, design and usability. It must also be updated with high-quality content on a frequent basis and shared across the internet to rank well for critical keywords. This will bring a lot of relevant traffic, and even the turn organic search (i.e., traffic from search engines) into the largest traffic channel for your site.

A well-structured site with premium design and UX

For a website to claim popularity, adequate metrics, and high rankings, it must meet several conditions first. It is essential for your site to be designed correctly and to provide an advanced user experience (UX). This is what we have previously referred to as on-site optimisation.

Most SEO professionals rarely know much about design, but we can all recognise when a site has a poor design that confuses the visitors and makes a bad impression. If your website’s design has flaws in it, this is one of the first things that you will need to address.

Our optimisation service includes a free SEO Audit that will show the current status of your website, what needs to be done and remedied to get a stable and correct foundation on which to start everything else.

Website speed

The speed of your site is also a crucial factor that affects your rankings according to the search engine algorithms. If this is an aspect where your website is underperforming, you should carefully consider speeding it up to have positive SEO expectations.

Here are some excellent speed test tools:

Google PageSpeed Insights
GT Metrix

Relevant traffic from links

An essential part of search engine optimisation is building links to different pages of your site. This process is called link building.

In recent years Google’s algorithms have become quite sophisticated and complicated, but much more accurate than ever. Nowadays, to make any real breakthrough with SEO optimisation, your progress will have to be achieved naturally. While the number of links was of primary importance for years, quality and relevance even more critical now. It is quite natural to get a link to your site from another one that is thematically similar to yours. This also suggests that the audience would also be interested in your content (product, service). It will surely bring you relevant traffic to your site and perhaps potential customers.

Search by images

images search

“One image equals a thousand words,” someone once said. Studies show that people prefer to absorb and process information from images rather than text.

Optimising for Google’s images search has several significant benefits:
– Your site gets faster;
– Consumers are much more likely to buy if they have a clear picture of the product;
– Many users are already searching looking straight into Google images;
– Visual elements attract more clicks and interactions.

Google has connected shopping results with images, that is, buying products directly when searching for images. When improving and fine-tuning the on-site optimisation, it is essential to optimise the photos as well.


It is almost imperative for an SEO expert to understand marketing. We provide a lot of advice to our customers about how to present their brand, how to segment the market and approach the various audiences differently. What can also provide recommendations on how to impose and reinforce your brand, and how to combine the SEO service worth, branding and PR.

Mobile search

mobile search

The time of desktops is now indeed gone. The advantages of gadgets that we can carry with us all are indisputable. At any time and wherever you are, you can pull out your smartphone, look for what you needed and BUY it or get the information you need. It is obligatory for every self-respecting website and for any online business that wants to succeed, to have an excellent mobile version of their site and to abide by the rules for mobile optimisation.

Relatively recently Google decided to give priority to the mobile index. You may have noticed that big companies are already making their sites thinking first about mobile devices and then for desktop computers.

Now mobile SEO is an indispensable and integral part of the entire optimisation process.

Local search

local search

There is a say that there is no such thing as guaranteed search result pages, and that is due to the recent location and personalisation of search engine algorithms. Although, the local search could be highly rewarding and make the most out of your SEO service worth.

Google’s self-learning and distinguishably smart algorithms can easily understand what you tend to like as a customer. They can also offer you a service you need close to your physical location.

Long-tail keyword phrases

long tail keywords

When you want to buy, for example, a Samsung Galaxy S9, you will certainly not search for a phrase like “mobile phones” or “smartphones”. You will be far more likely to search for something like “buy Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone”. Additionally, searching for such phrases instantly boosts the probability of you becoming a  potential buyer.

We as your SEO guides will conduct keyword research and find the right long-tail keywords for your business that would bring you a noticeable conversion rate. Simply put, our SEO service worth is more sales for your company.

This will enable your site to rank among the top results with the keywords we generate for you, thus justifying your investment. And do not forget that this is just one of the many advantages SEO can provide to your successful online business!

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